Saturday, 10 January 2015

Perpetual Birthdays ...!

Well ... Operation Clear Out continues this week in preparation for our move to Arizona.  Cupboards are being cleared, drawers tidied and an assortment of old hi-fi equipment, games consoles, and exercise paraphanalia have made their way on to that great virtual marketplace that is eBay.  (I don't why I EVER thought an Aero Pilates machine was going to change my life... I seem to recall sitting on it watching the accompanying DVD, with a glass of wine in hand and munching a bowl of crisps ... snort ).   And suffice to say, if I ever have to so much as look at a paper shredder again it will be too soon!  Why is it that no matter how carefully you empty the basket thingy (that incidentally fills up faster than the Magic Porridge Pot) you end up surrounded by shredded paper and dust .... grrrrr!

Anyway, I do have a crafty project to share with you this week ... huzzah!

This was one of my pre-order goodies from the new Stamping' Up! seasonal catalogue released earlier this week (if you have not seen it yet just click on the link on the right hand side  .... scroll down a bit ... there you go!) - The Perpetual Birthday Calendar kit is one of the fab new items this season and as well as the fun you will have creating it, it would also make a lovely gift as it comes in a sturdy kraft gift box which can also be decorated.  The kit comes with pre-cut calendar pages, printed 1 - 31,  ready for you to decorate and lots of embellishments (including sparkly glitter and sequins ... oooh shiny!).  There is also an accompanying stamp set which can then be used year after year to make your own versions.

This is how I chose to decorate mine ...

Here is the co-ordinating stamp set ...

If you want to have a go at making one for yourself, just click on the links above to go shopping!

Right ... back to clearing out cupboards  ... yawn ... or maybe I'll just have another cuppa first ... :)
Have a good week everyone!
Bev x

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