Saturday, 4 October 2014

Boxing Clever ...!

Happy Weekend everyone!

Usually by this time of year, the winter woolies would have all been unpacked and probably worn several times by now, the central heating would be on and the winter duvet re-instated on the bed.   Well, not this year.  I can't believe it is now October and we are still being blessed with warm and sunny days and mild nights with hardly a drop of rain to be seen here in Sussex.  The garden is still looking beautiful and all the hanging baskets and pots are still in full bloom! Amazing!

I have a feeling that that may all be about to change very soon though, so what better way to spend those wet and miserable weekends to come than snuggled indoors with a cuppa,  a choccy biscuit and a bit of crafting?!

So this week, I have a tutorial for you.  It is a cute little gift box, with sleeve, bow, tag and even some nesting for the inside, all made from one sheet of 12x12 paper/card!  Yes, really, one piece!  We all need a gift box from time to time, and the ones from those posh stationers are soooo expensive ... this one costs pennies!

1. Take one sheet of 12"x12" paper or card.  If using paper, try and ensure it is of a fairly decent weight and one with a double sided pattern adds a nice contrast for your sleeve and bow, but it is not essential. I am using the Sweet Taffy paper from Stampin' Up!

2. Cut as follows:
  • Cut 2" of nesting (very fine slivers of paper).  You can skip this bit if you don't want to use nesting and you will have a 2" strip left over.
  • Cut a 2" strip for the sleeve.  
  • Cut a 1" strip for the bow
  • Cut a 7x7" square for the box base
  • Cut a 5x5" square for the box lid
  • Keep remaining piece (5x2") to use for a tag
The pieces all laid out should look like this:

3. Take the 7x7 square and score on all 4 sides at 1-3/4".  This will be your box base. (score on the side you want as the inside of your box)

4. Starting at bottom right hand corner, cut up the vertical line to where the two score lines cross (1-3/4").  Turn 90 degrees in anticlockwise direction and repeat.  Do this for all 4 sides turning anticlockwise and snipping each time.

5.  Turn over to the right side, and add glue to the flaps on the opposite side to the cut.   Double sided tape will hold paper but a wet glue will give the best hold, especially if you are using card.

6. Fold all flaps to the inside of the box and glue in place.

7. Now take the 5x5" piece and score at 5/8" along all 4 sides

8.  Repeat steps 4 - 6 to complete the box lid.

9. Scrunch up the nesting and roll into a ball between the palms your hands.

10.  Gently pull apart and add to the base of the box.

11. Next, take the 2" strip for the sleeve and score at 2-3/4", 4-1/2", 8-3/8" & 10".   Fold along the score lines and stick ends together.  This will now slide over your box and lid.

12. Now take the 1" strip and cut into two pieces, 8" and 4".  Notch the ends of the 4" piece as shown.

13.  Glue the ends of the 8" strip together to form a circle and then stick down in the middle to form your bow.

14. Stick this piece to the smaller strip and add rhinestones or other embellishment as desired.

15.  Now you can either use the leftover 2x5" piece and simply fold in half to make a gift tag, or you can add a stamped sentiment to some punched shapes as I did here.

Pretty impressive out of one piece of paper eh?!  Have a go ... it really is easy peasy.

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