Saturday, 23 August 2014

It's the weekend, so why not treat yourself to a Pizza?! (except this one is calorie free!)

So, this week was Week 3 of my personal Bake Off challenge and I'm still in the game!  Get in!

I approached this week's category of Bread with some trepidation as just the thought of all that complicated kneading and proving brings me out in a cold sweat!  I have only made one previous attempt at a hand kneaded bread dough before (about 40 years ago!) and the results were ... hmmm, let's see, how did my Domestic Science teacher put it ... 'less than satisfactory'!  I will never forget the humiliation as she cut into my carefully nurtured loaf to reveal one giant air bubble with a crust on top!  Oh the shame!   I therefore decided on a sweet bread rather than a traditional loaf and so I opted for a giant cinnamon roll, topped with a maple vanilla glaze ... I know ... good choice eh?!  The amazing smell as it was cooking permeated the whole house and I was immediately transported to the shopping malls of the US ...  if only ... sigh :(
**Oh, and by the way Miss Bentley, if you happen to be reading this ... not an air hole in sight!**  

In keeping with the Bread theme, this week's crafty make was really the result of another one of my "I want to learn how to make ..." quests, this time being a mini pizza box.  As soon as I saw one of these cute boxes these I thought how useful they would be to fill with either little note cards, sweet treats or small gifts and given that you can make one from a single piece of card, they are very economical too!  A quick search on t'interweb yielded a whole host of tutorials, but I opted to follow one from Dawns Stamping Studio.

It was really easy to do and I have detailed the steps below in case you want to give it a go!:

Your box is now ready to decorate using stamps, decorative papers, embellishments, ribbon, whatever you like - how simple was that?!

I made another sample, just using a piece of A4 cream card stock that had been in my stash for ever, (think it was from one of those 'stack a box with A4 card' from a craft event somewhere) this time using a strong double sided tape instead of wet glue to see which held up better.   Both gave a good bond which held up well, but the wet glue is probably the more robust of the two if you want it to withstand a lot of handling (I used Cosmic Shimmer acrylic glue as I find it dries really quickly and you don't have to have the arms of an octopus to hold them all down while they dry!).  I then experimented with a bit of stamping and some inking around the edges and made a 'belly band' to slide onto the box instead of ribbon (this was made from a 1" x 11" strip of card leftover from the bit I cut off my original A4 sheet).

Thanks for stopping by and hope you enjoyed this week's crafty visit! 

Finally, for those that are curious, here is a picture of the Cinnamon Roll (which didn't last long once the boys got hold of it!).  Can you smell it?!!  ... next week is Desserts ... bring it on!

Bev x

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  1. Lol! I love your post Beverley! Great little Pizza boxes too!
    Dawn xx