Sunday, 23 November 2014

Eeek! Only 5 weeks to Christmas ...!

What a miserable day!  Rain, rain and more rain ... Still, could be worse - at least it's not snow.  Did you see the pictures earlier this week of the snow storm in Buffalo, New York?  Now that is something to complain about!

This weekend I promised myself that I would get cracking with my Christmas cards and get them all done & dusted.  Usually I have them all made well before now (last year I did them all in August!) but this year I am really behind.  I have made so many for demonstrations at classes and workshops that I think maybe it has started to feel like a bit of a 'busman's holiday' (as my mum would say) making my own.  Still, time is fast running out ... can you believe that it is less than 5 weeks till Christmas?!! (how did that happen?!) and so yesterday morning I was up bright and early, ready to do some serious Christmas crafting.  Feeling a smidge guilty about all the lovely new crafty stuff I have purchased lately, (if Mr CC is reading this it was just a bit of ribbon **walks away whistling and looking shifty**) I decided that I should set myself the challenge of making this year's cards by using up my existing Christmas crafting stash ... **nips upstairs to the spare room cupboard to fetch
previous years' Christmas card/papers/embellishments etc.**  O...M...G!!  It was like a scene from the Magic Porridge Pot!  As fast as I could get boxes down from the shelf, more appeared as if from nowhere! Who on earth had bought all of this stuff?  Oh yeah ... that's right, I remember now ... naughty Dobby! **scarpers downstairs with it all before someone sees**

So after hours of oohing and ahhing over forgotten sparkly papers, shiny toppers, cute little gingerbread men and fluffy snowman embellishments ... oooh look, that ones even got sparkly mittens on! .... I decided I needed to have a ruthless sort out and give myself permission to ditch the ones I just didn't love any more.  It's very easy to hang on to everything because we feel guilty for getting rid of perfectly good stuff, but just like the clothes in our wardrobe, we hang on to things that we have fallen out of love with and lets face it, are never going to love again, so they need to go.  I applied the '3 box'  principle... Keep, Donate (to crafty friends or school/clubs), Trash. Now I just need to USE the stuff in the Keep box!

Fast forward to 6pm .... total of four Christmas cards and two bird houses made (ok ... I got distracted)..

 How are your Christmas preparations going? Hopefully a bit more productive than mine!  Note to self ... Must try harder today and not get distracted .... oooh look, my Christmas scrapbooking papers ... I'll just have a quick look and then I'll get started ...

Bev x


  1. Looks lovely Bev. I just got my stuff out to see if I could get some inspiration and realised I had given most of it to you. Oh Good! Will just have to buy some cards from the crafty ladies in the village that make them....... says she looking at the house next door!

  2. Lol! Would you like it back as it's still sitting here in the conservatory and I probably won't use for mine?