Sunday, 12 October 2014

A very classy affair ...

Sorry for the delay in this weeks post but we have all been up in Manchester to celebrate my nephew's wedding which took place on Friday ... and what a fabulous wedding it was!

Both my nephew and his bride are architects and have aready redesigned and converted their London apartment from what was once an old bakery into a fabulously sleek two storey abode.  Add to the mix the bride's deliciously quirky and creative styling and meticulous attention to detail and it was evident that this would be no ordinary wedding!

The bride wore a beautiful dress of gold brocade, which she designed herself, accessorised with gold boots and a sparkling ear cuff.  Instead of flowers she carried a stunning bouquet made from vintage brooches and buttons that had all belonged to her own and the groom's grandmothers, and was made by her equally clever Mum. It was so unusual and such a lovely idea - something to treasure forever.

My sister, being a dab hand at making a celebratory cake or two, had offered to make the wedding cake **although I bet she was wishing she hadn't when she received the picture of what they would like (complete with precise measurements - did I mention they were architects?)**

By Tuesday evening it was finally ready and my nephew came to collect it, ready to be transported from London to Manchester the following day **you can see where this is going already can't you?**.  I don't think he had even got a mile down the road when disaster struck and the cake toppled over, completely squashing the bottom layer and reducing it to crumbs!!  Distraught, he drove back to his Mum's where they assessed the damage and determined that whilst a couple of tiers were salvageable, a whole new bottom tier would have to be made.  It was now close to midnight and the wedding was less than 72 hours away! After pulling out all the stops, wedding cake mark 2 was made, except it was now too late for my nephew to collect and so it had to come in the car with us (as we were also picking up my sister on the way).  It was like something out of a Benny Hill sketch ... Mr Crafty Cow and I, youngest & eldest (don't ask me how we managed that!),  my sister, overnight bags, suit carriers, hat (hers, not mine!) and now 2 tiers of a wedding cake!  My poor sister was so paranoid that something else would happen to it that she sat with it on her knee for the whole journey from London to Manchester, ready to be reassembled at the venue!  Whilst not quite the same as the original, which was covered in silver leaf and sadly could not be procured again at such short notice, I think you'll agree that she did a stunning job!

The bride and groom's individual styling and meticulous attention to detail was carried through the theme of the whole day - the lovely bridesmaids ... one in silver, one in gold... the gold & silver heart shaped confetti ...  even a neon sign designed by the bride, and in her handwriting, to indicate where the dancing was to take place.  A very classy affair!

And finally, my own personal wedding highlight .... as you know, we are all huge Bake Off fans in our house **have already got withdrawal symptoms now that it has finished for a other year ... sniff** and so you can imagine my delight when I discovered that we were sitting at the table with none other than the brother of last years Bake Off winner (who can forget the very clever Frances and her squirrel cake?)!!!  What a small world ... not to mention a very fitting end to an extremely stressful week for my poor sister!

Congratulations to Simon and Claire and wishing them a long and happy live together!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend and see you next week!
Bev x

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