Tuesday, 2 October 2012

October? Really???!

How can it be October already?!?   I don't know about you but here in deepest Sussex I still feel like I am waiting for the summer to arrive!

It's been quite an eventful few months since my last post.  Had to have a major op at the end of July which rendered me out of action for the rest of the 'summer' (tuts in disgust) and whilst I was quite looking forward to the prospect of being housebound for 6 weeks with 'plelnty of rest' (for rest read crafting) it was not quite as appealing as I had expected.  Turns out that the hospital part was the easy bit!  Once home I discovered that aside from the infection which didn't seem to know when it had outstayed it's welcome, I couldn't actually 'sit' for more than a few minutes at a time without being in complete agony and therefore, after several unsuccessful attempts at crafting in bed, finally gave up when I woke up from a nap with a roll of sticky dots stuck to my cheek! 

Still, almost back to normal now (well, as normal as I'll ever be .. snort) and thankfully snuggled back in my craft room away from the wet and windy weather!

After school broke up for the summer and before I was rendered 'craftless', we managed to fit in a family holiday to the US - one of our best ever!  We spent 3 days in Chicago - what a beautiful city - followed by a week in Montana.  WOW!  Spectatular... Breathtaking... Amazing ... all words that I could use to describe the constantly changing landscapes we encountered on our trip, however, none of those seem to even come close enough to do it any real justice.   Maybe this is one truly justifiable use for the word (which I admit is normally like fingernails on a blackboard to me) ... AWESOME!

I am planning to start scrapping the best of the 631 (ahem) photos we took during our trip later this week (can't wait!) but also wanted to share a couple with you here ...

Mammoth Hot Springs - Yellowstone

One of the many stunning views

and of course what trip to Montana and Yellowstone would be complete without spotting a bear!

So in the few weeks that I have been back at my crafting table (ahhh, can you see the smile on my face?), I have been making a few cards from the gorgeous 'Lavender Rose' kit from Kanban ... what do you think?

Oh well, guess it's finally time to give up on summer now... I don't think it's coming ... and go and dig out those woolly jumpers ... brrrrr! 

Stay warm Bloggers!

Bev x


  1. Have looked very carefully at the photo of mammoth falls .... lovely pic, but try as I might still can't see any mammoths....... :o)

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